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from: Marlboro Arena Curling Club | United States
Post # 32 from 05.04.2019 | 01:56

Excellent Tutorial on Curling Shots

I have just started curling. This site is the best reference to explain the different shots. The animation and step by step explanations provide a quick, clear and concise description of the shot and what the shot intends to accomplish. As I continue to learn about the strategy of curling, I know I will visit this site often. Thank you for authoring this excellent presentation on the subject.
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Allison G
from: Chicago, IL | USA
Post # 31 from 27.03.2019 | 19:17

Work Outing

Awesome info! My company was going curling for a team building activity, and I had only seen Olympic players do it. I never understood the skill that went into the sport, or what even exactly went on. Thank you.
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Alexandra Cariboni
from: North Carolina | US
Post # 30 from 21.03.2019 | 19:14

Thank you! Great info.
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Susan Wilkinson
from: Preston | England
Post # 29 from 05.02.2019 | 01:16

The website

What a great site, recipimmending it to our new curlers
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CK Chan
from: Hong Kong
Post # 28 from 26.01.2019 | 07:29

Thanks for your efforts to create such an informative site for people to get to know about curling and to start with .
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from: Neuss | Deutschland
Post # 27 from 17.11.2018 | 20:24

Ein Musiker aus Neuss lässt seine Grüße hier cool

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from: Geltekrinden | Schweiz
Post # 26 from 09.04.2018 | 15:47

Hallo Markus
Daaanke für diese Superseite big grin
Superinformativ, verständlich und macht Laaaune selbst aufs Eis zu gehen um Steine abzugeben
gooo on big grin
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Chad Hensley
from: Henderson | United States
Post # 25 from 30.03.2018 | 04:48

Learning to appreciate

My son is a true fan of curlingredients. He has invited me to see a curling championship. I am looking to appreciate the game.
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Linda West
from: Lester, PA | United States
Post # 24 from 26.02.2018 | 01:30

Thank you so much for this amazing page! I'm planning a preschool Olympics at my library and will be playing "tabletop" curling with the kids. The information on your site is exactly what I needed!
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Teri Meredyth
from: Harbor City | United States
Post # 23 from 23.02.2018 | 20:16

Thank You! Danke!

Your very informative website has helped me understand and enjoy curling at the Olympics! Thank you very much for making all this information available to us.
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Marion Fabiano
from: USA
Post # 22 from 22.02.2018 | 15:28

I love the game of curling but was lacking all the rules and regulations. Thank you so much for all the info. I can now finish watching the Olympics with a lot more knowledge. Go USA!!!
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Post # 21 from 21.02.2018 | 13:42

Thanks for the very informative page. smile
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Post # 20 from 20.02.2018 | 17:52

This site was exactly what I was looking for! I caught some of the Olympic women's curling on TV the other day and was facinated, although I had no idea of what was going on! Thanks to your site, I'm now educated, and even more excited!
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from: Grafton, wi | USA
Post # 19 from 18.02.2018 | 23:55

Enjoyable sport to watc

Ahh... No replays, action moves along, no question as to what is a point or anything else for that matter. No stopping of play except for (short) time outs. The more I understand on strategy and technique, the more I like this sport.
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from: Lakeland Florida | USA
Post # 18 from 17.02.2018 | 11:55

Thank you for this site. A Co-worker and I were watching the Olympics. During the news break from the ice-skating/downhill races we switched channel to see what other Olympic sports were on and found the curling competition. I figured out some of the basics on my own, but now the game really makes since. My co-worker had never seen curling before and she was quite amused. Thanks again. Enjoy the Basics very much.
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from: Minneapolis | United States
Post # 17 from 16.02.2018 | 23:15


Thank You!!

Thank You! Having lived in Minnesota all my 77 years, I really enjoy watching curling. I never knew all the official rules, but always figured the point of the game was to get your teams stones as close to the bullseye as possible. It takes a tremendous amount of skill by all members of each team to do this and I have always enjoyed watching. I found this site by accident, and being able to read all the rules and terms was really informative. I thank you for having such a place where the average person can understand. God Bless you!1
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marissa mcdonald
from: Arkansas | United States
Post # 16 from 16.02.2018 | 19:55

Started watching curling just a week ago and I am hooked!! I really like watching and it is so interesting! I have even ordered a shirt to support curling! Thank you for the great info on your website and helping me to understand what is being said on TV as I watch!
Thank you!
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Frank Beckendorf Jr
from: New Orleans, La | USA
Post # 15 from 12.02.2018 | 23:45


The Olympics always raises my eyebrows. I am now watching OAR v Switzerland. as I type.
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Jerry Schippa
from: Sun Prairie, WI | United States
Post # 14 from 12.02.2018 | 02:48

Hello from Madison Wisconsin! Good info, thanks for work!
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Johann Gottfried Hirsch
from: Frankfurt am Main | Germany
Post # 13 from 08.02.2018 | 17:02

Eine wirklich tolle und gut gestaltete Seite. Vielen Dank dafür ich habe viel gelernt um beim Curling mit meinen Kumpanen mithalten zu können. cool
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