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Michael Dukakis (dukakisgam
Beitrag # 40 vom 28.03.2022 | 10:52


Nice site, I love curling
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aus ER FRG
Beitrag # 39 vom 08.02.2022 | 16:53


right and left

Why anytime it is called right, when the player plays left side and otherwise? Is it like Anatomy? Or is only the moderator in german TV unable to think out of the look of the player?
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Ottavio Danieli
aus Wallisellen/Sxchweiz | Schweiz
Beitrag # 38 vom 06.02.2021 | 11:38


Liebe Curlingfreunde
Als alter BRD-Bundestrainer möchte ich Euch zu dieser hervorragenden
Hompage gratulieren.
Beste Grüsse und Good Curling
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Bill Nicol
aus Forres | Scotland
Beitrag # 37 vom 23.12.2020 | 23:11



I think this is the most professional and detailed website for any beginner or anyone just trying to understand the sport while watching.
The time, effort and access you have given to us is very generous.
I have filled the previous guest book in however you have updated the whole site since then.
I will be trying to email you on a subject and hopefully we make contact

Thank you and Good Curling
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Dieter Unger
Beitrag # 36 vom 22.10.2020 | 17:21



Ganz tolle Curlingseite Curlingseite . Bekommt man richtig Lust wieder mal zu spielen !
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Beitrag # 35 vom 02.10.2020 | 12:11


Tolle Curlingtipps habt ihr da gesammelt. Coole Website. Viele Grüsse Franz
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aus LINZ | Österreich
Beitrag # 34 vom 28.09.2020 | 21:56



Eine super Seite habt ihr hier aufgebaut. Ich freu mich schon wieder wenn ich mit meiner Mannschaft endlich wieder in die Curlinghalle komme.
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aus schenkenfelden | Österreich
Beitrag # 33 vom 19.09.2020 | 10:08


Super Website

Eine super Website und ein toller Curlingclub! Viel Erfolg in der neuen Saison, haut rein. Das Trueffelhang Team wünscht euch viel Gesundheit und weiter so! Freundliche Grüsse und freuen uns wieder, wenn wir auch bei den Heimspielen anfeuern können!
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aus Marlboro Arena Curling Club | United States
Beitrag # 32 vom 05.04.2019 | 01:56


Excellent Tutorial on Curling Shots

I have just started curling. This site is the best reference to explain the different shots. The animation and step by step explanations provide a quick, clear and concise description of the shot and what the shot intends to accomplish. As I continue to learn about the strategy of curling, I know I will visit this site often. Thank you for authoring this excellent presentation on the subject.
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Allison G
aus Chicago, IL | USA
Beitrag # 31 vom 27.03.2019 | 19:17

Work Outing

Awesome info! My company was going curling for a team building activity, and I had only seen Olympic players do it. I never understood the skill that went into the sport, or what even exactly went on. Thank you.
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Alexandra Cariboni
aus North Carolina | US
Beitrag # 30 vom 21.03.2019 | 19:14

Thank you! Great info.
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Susan Wilkinson
aus Preston | England
Beitrag # 29 vom 05.02.2019 | 01:16


The website

What a great site, recipimmending it to our new curlers
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CK Chan
aus Hong Kong
Beitrag # 28 vom 26.01.2019 | 07:29


Thanks for your efforts to create such an informative site for people to get to know about curling and to start with .
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aus Neuss | Deutschland
Beitrag # 27 vom 17.11.2018 | 20:24


Ein Musiker aus Neuss lässt seine Grüße hier cool

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aus Geltekrinden | Schweiz
Beitrag # 26 vom 09.04.2018 | 15:47


Hallo Markus
Daaanke für diese Superseite big grin
Superinformativ, verständlich und macht Laaaune selbst aufs Eis zu gehen um Steine abzugeben
gooo on big grin
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Chad Hensley
aus Henderson | United States
Beitrag # 25 vom 30.03.2018 | 04:48


Learning to appreciate

My son is a true fan of curlingredients. He has invited me to see a curling championship. I am looking to appreciate the game.
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Linda West
aus Lester, PA | United States
Beitrag # 24 vom 26.02.2018 | 01:30

Thank you so much for this amazing page! I'm planning a preschool Olympics at my library and will be playing "tabletop" curling with the kids. The information on your site is exactly what I needed!
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Teri Meredyth
aus Harbor City | United States
Beitrag # 23 vom 23.02.2018 | 20:16


Thank You! Danke!

Your very informative website has helped me understand and enjoy curling at the Olympics! Thank you very much for making all this information available to us.
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Marion Fabiano
aus USA
Beitrag # 22 vom 22.02.2018 | 15:28


I love the game of curling but was lacking all the rules and regulations. Thank you so much for all the info. I can now finish watching the Olympics with a lot more knowledge. Go USA!!!
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Beitrag # 21 vom 21.02.2018 | 13:42

Thanks for the very informative page. smile
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