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delivery of the stone

On a technical level, the delivery is the key element in the game of curling. Comparable to a billiard shot or a golf swing, a little deviation can result in a big difference to the desired result.
 In the game of Curling millimeters are very often decisive in terms of the distance and the direction the "stone" travels.

How does a delivery work?
skip`s brush marks the target
The "skip" supervises the play from the "house"; at the deliverey of a "stone" he uses his "brush" to mark the target at wich the delivering player has to play the "stone":
Eis geben
Eis geben
the "hack" foot is pointing at the target (the "skip’s" "brush") with the ball of the foot firmly against the back of the "hack"

the sliding foot is flat on the ice, slightly ahead and parallel to the "hack" foot

the hips and shoulders are level and square to the intended line of delivery

the upper body is in an erect position with eyes looking at the target

the "stone" is placed so it bisects the intended line of delivery
Hip Elevation (Forward Press)
the "stone" and body move slightly forward (optional), then both legs elevate the hips into a semi-crouch position

the "brush" head remains on the ice, adjacent to the "stone", to keep the shoulders square

the eyes remain focused directly at the target
Pull Back Motion
the "stone" is pulled back directly on the line of delivery (an imaginary line from the target to the middle of the "hack" foot)

the sliding foot remains flat on the ice and pointing at the target, as it moves back (beyond the heel of the "hack" foot)

body weight is transferred to the sliding foot

a definite pause or stop in the motion occurs
Forward Motion
upper body weight moves forward (the upper body begins to “fall forward”)

"stone" moves along the line of delivery

movement of the sliding foot is delayed and then it slides along the line of delivery

body weight is transferred onto the sliding foot

thrust is provided by the "hack" foot/leg
Forward Slide
the sliding foot is flat on the ice under the body’s centre axis and slightly toed out to provide a wider base for balance

the trailing leg is extended out behind (preferably toed in or straight)

the upper body is erect, hips low, eyes on target, shoulders and hips square to the line of delivery

the "brush" head rests lightly on the ice, slightly ahead of the sliding foot, providing additional stability

the throwing arm is slightly bent

slide and release your perfect shot !!!
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