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Dear curling friends,
these pages are intended to describe the olympic wintersport curling.
In order to achieve this I show a lot of descriptions, graphics and animated examples.

All descriptions on are given on the basis of the rules and regulations of the World Curling Federation (WCF) for international single competions such as “World Women's Curling Championships” or “World Men's Curling Championships”.

For those of you who are absolutely new to this sport I recommend that you read the section “What is curling?” first; there I try to describe the basic goals of the game.

If I would not have been provided with a lot of accurate information about curling by many people, this website would not look like it does today!
So I thank you all for your help.
My very special thanks in this context go to Oliver Axnick, Holger Höhne, Uli Kapp and Keith Wendorf, who supported me in different ways to understand some special aspects of curling in a better way.

My thanks also go to the photographer Ana Arce allowing me to show her excellent photos in the section “Delivery of the stone”.

For the great book “CURLING” by Uli Kapp, that is published by the Stiebner Verlag (Copress Sport), I have created many of the graphics I show on; I thank the Stiebner Verlag and the author of "CURLING" for allowing me to show these graphics on

Despite the greatest care, I can unfortunately not entirely exclude that some errors may have crept in.

I would appreciate your taking the time to write a few lines in my guestbook.

A lot of fun wishes
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